Here are some songs I love to Karaoke. Languages - Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), English, Hindi, Korean. The ones in Chinese have been translated into Hanyu Pin Yin or Kantonglish. So it doesn't really matter if you cannot read Chinese, Hindi, Korean - YOU CAN STILL SING! If you have any special requests for translation, leave me a comment.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

EASON CHAN 陈奕迅 怎么样[港]

EASON CHAN 陈奕迅 怎么样[港]
01. 不能再等待(国)
02. 对不起 谢谢(国)
03. HIPPIE(国)
04. 不然你要我怎么样(国)
05. 不睡(国)
06. 一夜销魂(国)
07. 浮城(国)
08. 早开的长途班(国)
09. 听听(粤)
10. 人神斗(粤)